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The same old story everywhere. The layout is ready, the text is a long time coming. So that the layout is not bare in the room and feels small and empty, I step in: the dummy text.

Created exactly for this purpose, always in the shadow of my big brother "Lorem Ipsum", I am happy every time you read a few lines. Because esse est percipi - being is to be perceived.

And because you are now kind enough to accompany me for a few more sentences, I would like to take this opportunity not only to fill the gap, but to point out something that just as deserves to be noticed: namely web standards.

You see, web standards are the set of rules on which websites are built. There are rules for HTML, CSS, JavaScript or XML; Words you may have heard from your developer before.

These standards ensure that everyone involved gets the most benefit from a website. In contrast to previous websites, we no longer have to program two different websites for Internet Explorer and another browser, for example. All you need is a page that - correctly laid out - works both on different browsers in the network, but just as well for printing or

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