Bonsai tree

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Bonsai tree

A wonderful serenity has taken over my whole soul, like the sweet spring mornings that I enjoy with all my heart. I am alone and enjoy my life in this area, which is made for souls like mine. I am so happy, my dear fellow, so absorbed in the feeling of calm existence, that my art suffers as a result.

I couldn't draw now, not a line, and have never been a greater painter than I was at these moments.

When the dear valley steams around me, and the high sun rests on the surface of the impenetrable darkness of my forest, and only single rays steal into the inner sanctuary, then I lie in the high grass by the falling brook, and closer to the earth a thousand varied ones Gräschen get strange to me; when I feel the teeming of the little world between stalks, the innumerable, unfathomable shapes of the little worms, the mosquitoes closer to my heart, and feel the presence of the Almighty, who created us in his image, the wafting of the al-loving, who gives us eternal bliss floating carries and sustains; my friend! When it dawns around my eyes and the world around me and the sky rests entirely in my soul like the figure of one

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