Ring 30 drachmas 1964

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Coin ring: 30 drachmas .835 silver (Greece) about 10 mm high and weighing around 10 grams

Special issue for the wedding of Constantine II to Annemarie of Denmark

Seen on the outside of the ring:

Inscription: 1964 30 ΔΡχ
Relief : crowned double-headed eagle

Seen on the inside of the ring:

Labeling: ΚΩΝϹΤΑΝΤῖNOϹ · ἌΝΝΑ ΜΑΡΙΑ ΒΑϹΙΛΕῖϹ ΤῶΝ ἙΛΛΉΝΩΝ   Relief: Headshot of Constantine and Anne-Marie of Greece

The German ring size is given in millimeters. For example, 17 1/4 DE would be 17.25 mm inside ring diameter. We also manufacture intermediate sizes, just write to us.

You can also purchase a coin that comes from the same mint year from which we made the ring. We can machine the coin to a high gloss or send it as it comes out of circulation. Collectors want unpolished coins out of circulation. Coin is delivered in a coin capsule.

Optionally, they can choose a free gift. We will choose the coin for you.

All rings bought from us will be polished to a high gloss free of charge at any time against payment of the shipping costs or the patina for the antique look will be renewed.

Only with us! You don't like the ring, do you? We will take it back within 2 weeks, even if it was a custom-made product according to your specifications.

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WOW sehr schön!
Written by admin At 2020.03.16 09:30:49

Was für ein tolles Schmuckstück
Written by holly At 2020.03.14 19:59:48

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