DECKEL MAHO DMF 260/11. Powerful machining center with swivel head and rotary table integrated in the work table, large tool magazine, cooling durc

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Deckel Maho
Technical specifications

Control: HEIDENHAIN 3D Control Heidenhain iTNC 530 HSCI
Screen: Operation mode SmarT.NC ERGOline® Control, 19 ″ display

X-axis travel mm: 2,600
Y-axis travel mm: 1,100
Z-axis travel mm: 900
4th axis degree: swivel head ± 100
5th axis: integrated in the work table, D1.050mm, workpiece weight max. 1,200kg
Feed max. mm / min: 40,000
Rapid traverse max. m / min: 40

Work table
Dimension mm: 3,200 x 1,100

Spindle speed rpm: 20-10,000
Spindle drive power kW: 44/32
Torque Nm: 190/303

Tool system
recording: SK50
magazine slots pcs .: 60
changer: pick up
weight kg: 12
Tool diameter with / without blocked neighboring spaces mm: 160/100

Cooling system
Cooling through the spindle rod: 40
Coolant tank liters: 600

Chip conveyor
Coolant system, coolant pressure 40 bar
Cooling through the spindle
Workpiece measuring system Heidenhain TS649
3D quickSET, interface only
Electric handwheel
Rotation viewing window
Hand washing gun
Oil and coolant mist extraction
Operating mode 4

Machine runtimes
Main switch ON hours: 22,643
Spindle running time hours: 9,400

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